Earn Crypto While Watching.
And Make a Difference.

Hark.tv is a blockchain based live streaming platform that gives viewers cryptocurrency for viewing, and lets them donate that value to nonprofits and streamers.

Streamers can now entertain while knowing that they’re making a difference.
Viewers can relax while knowing that they’re changing the world.

Streamers Earn with THETA

The platform will be powered by the Theta Network blockchain, whose peer-to-peer streaming technology rewards users for restreaming video while simultaneously cutting costs for the platform.

Of course, Hark will also have monetization features similar to any other live streaming platform: ad revenue sharing and direct donations.

Blockchain Governance

Earn Hark governance tokens, one of the first THETA ecosystem tokens, by interacting on the platform.

A small portion of each cryptocurrency donation will be collected into one lump sum donation at the end of a month. The nonprofit that it goes to will be voted on by the platform via HARK Tokens.

Plus, streamers can mint their own blockchain token, and host votes to interact with their own viewers.

Calling All Nonprofits!

We’ve partnered with nonprofits like One Tree Planted to use the power of streaming and cryptocurrency to plant trees across the world.

We hope that other nonprofits will also join us in making the world a better place.

Progress is Being Made.

Development has been rapid, and we’re excited to share more details about Hark in the near future. Feel free to contact us below if you want to be part of the action as a streamer or nonprofit.


Any user that subscribes to the email list will receive bonus HARK Tokens upon Mainnet launch.

Development is in progress!
To make our dream a reality, we need input from people like you. Whether you’re a streamer, viewer, or a nonprofit that is interested in the idea, put your email down. We will let you know when there are updates on the project!

Contact Us

If you have any concerns, or if you’re a nonprofit that wants to be listed on Hark’s donation wall, then please reach out.

Feel free to email us at [email protected]hark.tv

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